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best ways to improve your english using smartphone

Learning things are really easy after the arrivals of the smartphones, the things may be anything it’s not matter. Because smartphones are not only used for playing games and also it is a helpful tool in the way of developing your knowledge. Through this article i am going to explain about – how to develop your English speaking skills through android smartphone. As we know learning an additional language is always a beneficial thing in these days, especially if it’s English it is better. Because English is the most important and most commonly spoken language in the world and also it is the language of the internet. Having a fluent English speaking skills are very useful in many ways such as, as a student you can write an brief essay, asa employee you can attract your leader,as a businessman you can connect with your clients all over the world, etc.,Here you are able to develop your English speaking skills via these android apps. 
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Best way to know active and passive voice

Active and passive voice
Active voice is a normal voice .in active voice the object receives action from verb

we eat apples
We is subject
Eat is verb
And apples are object

Passive voice

In passive voice the subject receives action from verb

Like apples are eaten by us
We change we into us when we make passive voice

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